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Faculty Evaluation Labs

Thank you to those who attended the labs. Sandbox environments are still open for you to explore the systems and offer feedback. Hop in, play with the available tools, and tell us what best fits university and faculty needs.

Your colleagues from the LMS Advisory Committee held a hands-on exploration of the Brightspace and Canvas learning management systems.

The labs were designed to create an open dialogue, and to help you start envisioning how you might teach in a new LMS. They also contributed to the formal evaluation process.

Here's what your colleagues had to say about the labs...

"It was guided by an individual instructor, with a good balance between pre-planned activities and responsiveness to my needs."

"Opportunity to see the new tools being considered to replace TRACS"

"The facilitator took time to sit next to me and guide me through the program. He was very patient, encouraging and helpful."