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Equipment Transfer or Disposal

Old or used computers can either be transferred to another university employee or sent to Materials Management & Logistics for disposal. 

On-Campus Transfer

If the computer is being transferred to another university employee or student employee, it is recommended that you use ITAC’s Re-Image Services to reload the operating system and standard software. If you intend to transfer the computer as is, a Software License Assignment (DOC) form must be submitted. Also, if the computer is being transferred to a different responsible cost center, an Equipment Transfer form must be submitted.

Transfer for Disposal

All stored data remains on your computer even after you delete files, empty the trash, or reformat drives. To ensure that no sensitive data leaves the university, the university participates in data destruction to protect our campus community. Drive destruction also keeps users from violating campus software license agreements which protects employees and the university.

Follow these instructions to transfer computer equipment for disposal:

1. Complete and submit a Request Pick-up of Surplus Equipment form for any computers, printers, or other electronic devices.

Note:  Be sure to complete and submit a Software License Assignment (DOC) form if software is being transferred from the equipment being picked up to another computer

2. Complete an Equipment Transfer form, print it out, and include it with the items that Materials Management will pick up.