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SAP Business Client for Windows

SAP Business Client LogoSAP is used for financial accounting, budgeting, grants, payroll, travel, training registration, and human resources. The SAP Business Client is software used by Texas State faculty and staff to access the SAP administrative database.

Note: The SAP Business Client software is not needed to enter timesheet information or view your electronic paycheck stub. For those tasks, visit the SAP Portal.

Learn more about ways to access SAP.

To learn more about how to use SAP, visit the SAP Resources website.

Before You Begin

  • Your computer must be a member of the Texas State (TXSTATE) domain. (Verify your computer's domain)
  • Your computer must be managed.  Most computers on the TXSTATE domain are managed. (If you do not have Software Center, your computer is not managed.)
  • Note that installation of this version of SAP Business Client will replace any previous version.
  • It is recommended that you have at least 1.5 GB of hard drive space free before beginning the install.

Note: SAP Business Client is to be installed on Texas State-owned computers only.

If you have questions about these prerequisites, please contact your department's technical support person (TSP) or the IT Assistance Center (ITAC) before proceeding.

Installation Instructions

1.  Click your Start button Start Button,  and then All Programs.
2.  Click the Microsoft System Center 2012 folder.
3.  Click the Configuration Manager folder.
4.  Click Software Center.
5.  In the Available Software tab, locate and install the desired software.

Got Questions?  Visit the Software Center Info page.

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