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SAP GUI for Mac OS X

SAP LogoSAP is used for financial accounting, budgeting, grants, payroll, travel, training registration, and human resources. SAP GUI is software used by Texas State faculty and staff to access the SAP administrative database.

Note: SAP GUI software is not needed to enter timesheet information or view your electronic paycheck stub. For those tasks, visit the SAP Portal.

For more information on SAP and SAP GUI, visit the SAP Resources webpage.

Before you Begin

  • Your Mac must have LANrev installed on the computer to install this software.
  • MAC OS X (10.7 or higher) is required to install this software.
  • You should uninstall any previous version of SAP GUI (7.10, 7.20, or 7.30) and remove desktop shortcuts.

Note: SAP GUI is to be installed on Texas State-owned computers only.

If you have questions about these prerequisites, please contact your department's technical support person (TSP) or the IT Assistance Center (ITAC) before proceeding.

Installation Instructions

  1. From the Apple menu, select System Preferences...
  2. Open LANrev.
         Note: Don't see LANrev on your Texas State-owned computer? Install it here.
  3. On the Software Updates tab, click Show On-Demand Software.
  4. Locate and install the software.

Got questions? Get Answers!Get Answers at Texas State

See this Answers article for step-by-step instructions:
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