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NetID 2-Step: Duo Mobile

NetID 2-Step logoDuo Mobile is the mobile device app CrashPlan PROe logoused to log into services that require NetID 2-Step at Texas State. With Duo Mobile, users can quickly approve a NetID 2-Step request by tapping one button on their mobile device.

Get started today using NetID 2-Step on these services:

  • Online Toolkit
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)

For more information, see NetID 2-Step: Security Beyond the Password.

Before you Begin

  • A faculty, staff, or student employee NetID and password are required.
  • Login credentials for installing apps on the mobile device are required.
  • Device must be connected to a network (cellular or wireless).

Note: Installing the app while connected to a wireless cellular hotspot (or any other cellular network that charges for data usage) may incur charges to your account.

If you have questions about these prerequisites, please contact your department's technical support person (TSP) or the IT Assistance Center (ITAC) before proceeding.

Installation Instructions

Follow these steps to install the Duo Mobile app:

  1. Using your smartphone or mobile device, visit your app store, search for, and download Duo Mobile.
  1. Enroll your NetID 2-Step account with Duo Mobile.

Got Questions? Get Answers!

See this Answers article for step-by-step installation instructions: How to: Enroll my mobile phone device with NetID 2-Step