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Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud is a full set of professional tools for graphic design, image and video editing, effects creation, and web development.

To learn more, visit the Adobe Creative Cloud website.


New in 2018 - Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop App

Available to faculty, staff, and graduate assistants, the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop app allows you to choose exactly which Adobe software you'd like installed on your computer. Quickly launch and update your desktop apps and manage and share your files stored in Creative Cloud (see data management best practices). This version of Adobe Creative Cloud is the officially licensed version for campus. Please uninstall all previous versions.


Adobe Creative Cloud Manager App

Adobe Creative Cloud Apps List

Apps offered to individual Faculty, Staff, and Graduate Assistant accounts via the Adobe CC Desktop App are different from the Adobe CC 2018 Suite available in computer labs and on Student Employee computers. Expand the section below to see which software is available to Faculty and Staff versus in labs and on student employee computers.

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Before You Begin

  • Uninstall previous versions of Adobe software on your computer:
    • On a personal computer, uninstall each Adobe title individually.
    • On Texas State-owned computers, uninstall all Adobe titles at once using the Adobe Uninstallers in Software Center for Windows and LANrev for Mac.
    • Use the Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool for Windows or Mac, and select the options to remove ALL Adobe files. Learn more.
  • Faculty, Staff, and Graduate Assistants:
    • To install the Adobe CC Desktop App, you must be a faculty or staff member.
    • You will to log into Adobe Creative Cloud using your NetID and password.
    • You must first install the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop app before installing any Adobe app.
    • You are allowed to install Adobe Creative Cloud apps on two computers (work or personal).
  • Technical Support Personnel:
  • Student Employee Managers:
  • Verify that your computer meets the Adobe system requirements.
  • Review the Adobe FAQs to learn more about Adobe at Texas State.

If you have questions about these prerequisites, please contact your department's technical support person (TSP) or the IT Assistance Center (ITAC) before proceeding.

Installation Instructions

Faculty, Staff, and Graduate Assistants

  1. Log into Adobe, and install the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop app. Learn more.
  2. Install or update individual Adobe apps. Learn more.

Computer Labs and Student Employee Workstations

  1. Submit a request to install the Adobe CC 2018 Suite in computer labs or on a Student Employee workstation.
  2. When the request is fulfilled, Adobe CC 2018 Suite will be made available in Software Center (Windows) or LANrev (Mac) to the specific computers.

Got Questions? Get Answers!

Learn how to install the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop app, install individual apps, and use various Adobe products! Also, see important FAQs to help you get started!