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Wireless (Wi-Fi) Network

Wi-Fi Network Names have Changed

  • TexasStateWPA will be decommissioned on Friday, Sept. 7. Please connect all devices to the new TXST-Bobcats network.
  • TexasStateUniversity has been decommissioned. Family and guests should connect to the new TXST-Visitor network.
  • TXST-Home is the new residence hall network for gaming and media devices that require only a passcode to connect.

The new Wi-Fi names meet four important goals:

  1. End confusion over which network people should use while on campus. Many faculty, students, and staff used to access the much slower TexasStateUniversity guest network – which did not require sign in.
  2. Standardize Wi-Fi network naming conventions. All students, faculty, and staff will use TXST-Bobcats, and visitors will use TXST-Visitors. The previous names were very similar to one another making it confusing to know which to use.
  3. Increase security on the visitor network. This new network will require users to receive a text message passcode to connect.
  4. Supply Wi-Fi in residence halls for things like streaming video devices (e.g., Roku or Amazon Fire), gaming systems, and more. This new offering for residence halls will appear as TXST-Home on devices.

Wi-Fi Network Options

We offer the following Wi-Fi network options:

Secure and fast Wi-Fi for anyone with an active NetID and password.

Unsecure, open Wi-Fi for Texas State family and guests. Passcode is sent via text message. Connections last for 24 hours.

Secure and fast Wi-Fi in Residence Halls. Residents log into Texas State Connect and obtain a passcode to connect gaming and media devices.

Bobcat Stadium
Unsecure, open Wi-Fi for guests who attend Bobcat Football games.

Use Texas State Connect to setup TXST-Home

  1. Go to Texas State Connect, log in, and get a passcode.
  2. On your device, find the TXST-Home network, and enter the passcode to connect.

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Got Questions? Get Answers!

Learn how to log into TXST-Bobcats or how to connect to TXST-Home for media and gaming devices.