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UDrive - Individual Network Space

Faculty, Staff, and Students - Access important files from your desktop, laptop, or lab computer anywhere on or off campus! The UDrive is a network storage space that, by default, provides you with 5 GB of online storage space!

How to Access Your UDrive 

Online via Texas State WebFiles

  • Log into Texas State WebFiles with your NetID and password:

  • Using Texas State WebFiles, access your UDrive files from any online connection (on or off campus) using your computer or tablet's browser (e.g., Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome) or your mobile device (e.g., iPhone, iPad, Android, Chromebook).

On Campus (in an office, lab, or other Texas State-owned computer)

  • While connected to the Texas State network (Ethernet, TexasStateWPA, or Virtual Private Network - VPN), log into a Texas State-owned computer with your NetID and password.
    • Windows computers: Windows computers that are on the Texas State domain and are connected to the Texas State network will automatically display the UDrive (Go to Computer > Network Location)
    • Mac computers: Mac computers that are on the Texas State domain and are connected to the Texas State network will need to manually map to the UDrive to access it. 
Windows View Mac View
Windows UDrive Icon
Mac UDrive Icon

By default, each person is provided with 5 GB of storage space!

Be advised that each person is provided a default of five gigabytes (GB) of storage space for a collective 20 TB of space for the entire campus. This is why you may see 20.0 TB free of 20.0 TB on your UDrive.


Notes and Policy Information 

  • Windows computer users: If you do not see the UDrive right now, log on and off of your computer two times. Then it should be visible.
  • The UDrive is for your individual, work-related files.
  • You cannot share your UDrive with others.
  • Be sure to zip up database files (such as Microsoft Access, Filemaker Pro, Outlook archives) before saving them to the UDrive.
  • Do not install software or other applications to run directly on the UDrive.
  • The UDrive is intended for you to store important work files and work on them directly from the UDrive. Alternately, you can move a copy of files that reside in your Documents folder to the UDrive.
  • The UDrive is not intended for you to back up your entire computer's operating system files or software programs.
  • Storing important files on your UDrive will protect your files in the event that your local computer’s hard drive fails.
  • You can recover accidentally deleted files or folders! Previously saved versions are auto-archived at 6 p.m. daily.  These archived files are available on the network for a maximum of four weeks.
  • If you exceed the default 5 GB quota limit, you will not be able to save any other files to the UDrive until you move other files off.