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Your NetID

Use your NetID and password to log into Texas State Online Services!

Texas State Self-Service (CatsWeb)

  • Class registration
  • Personal Info updates
  • Add or drop classes
  • View financial aid status
  • Student balances
  • View loan applications
  • Check holds
  • Make payments
  • View final grades
  • Housing & meal plans
  • Degree audits & transcripts
  • Accept financial aid awards


NetID (e.g., zzz99) - Activate, Change, or Reset Passwords

Online Toolkit

Use the Online Toolkit to change your NetID password, validate your personal e-mail address, or create an e-mail alias.

Validate Your Personal E-mail Address (to Reset NetID Passwords)Validate Tour

A validated personal e-mail address is a non-Texas State e-mail address used to assist with resetting NetID passwords. It must be validated before you can use the Forgot Password process. This IT security feature helps Texas State know that you are indeed who you say that you are in order to reset your password and use Texas State Online Services.

Validated Personal E-mail Address FAQs

Here are some common frequently asked questions.

Got Questions? Get Answers!Get Answers at Texas State

For more information see the NetID and Validate Your Personal E-mail Address how-tos and FAQs at Answers@Texas State.

NetID Policies and Info

Texas State provides each of its authorized users with a computer account, known as a NetID.  This provides access to the university's information resources. You are the only authorized user for your NetID and password.  Your password should be kept secure and private.  You are responsible for any actions taken with your NetID and password.  You may not use your NetID and password for commercial purposes. For additional rules and regulations related to your NetID and password see the Appropriate Use of Information Resources UPPS.

All NetIDs are subject to deactivation if they are not used (no login activity) for 180 days.