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NetID 2-Step: Security Beyond the Password

NetID 2-Step is a secure two-factor authentication method. Powered by Duo Security, two steps are required for successful access:

  • Something you know (NetID and password)
  • Something you have (mobile device, landline phone, or key fob)

NetID 2-Step Formula

NetID 2-Step is a safer way to log into select Texas State online services and adds an increased level of security for your account and Texas State confidential information.

NetID 2-Step is available to faculty, staff, and student employees only.

How It Works

  1. Enter your NetID and password.
  2. You will be prompted to either accept a Duo Mobile push, press your phone keypad, or enter a passcode.

Remember Me for 9 Hours Option

For those who log into the same service multiple times a day: At the login screen, enter your NetID and password to log in. On the NetID 2-Step screen, if you have an automatic push/call setup, click Cancel. Click the checkbox next to Remember Me for 9 Hours.

For the next nine hours, accessing the specific service from the same computer and Web browser will require only a NetID and password.


NetID 2-Step Login Screen