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NetID 2-Step: Security Beyond the Password

NetID 2-Step is a secure two-factor authentication method. Powered by Duo Security, two steps are required for successful access:

  • Something you know (NetID and password)
  • Something you have (mobile device, landline phone, or key fob)

NetID 2-Step Formula

NetID 2-Step is a safer way to log into select Texas State online services and adds an increased level of security for your account and Texas State confidential information.

NetID 2-Step is available to faculty, staff, and student employees only.

NetID 2-Step at Texas State

Enroll and manage multiple devices and device types.

How It Works

  1. Enter your NetID and password.
  2. You will be prompted to either accept a Duo Mobile push, press your phone keypad, or enter a passcode.

Remember Me for 9 Hours Option

For those who log into the same service multiple times a day: At the login screen, enter your NetID and password to log in. On the NetID 2-Step screen, if you have an automatic push/call setup, click Cancel. Click the checkbox next to Remember Me for 9 Hours.

For the next nine hours, accessing the specific service from the same computer and Web browser will require only a NetID and password.


NetID 2-Step Login Screen

Services Using NetID 2-Step

Adobe Sign


CA Digital Library

CITI Program

Community Funded


Digital Collections Repository

Digital Measures (McCoy College of Business Administration)

DMPTool (CA Digital Library)


Email List Management

Faculty Qualifications


HR Jobs (PeopleAdmin)



NetID Request

Performance Management

PropStart / Kuali Research


Qualtrics Insight

SAP Portal and Business Client

Texas Data Repository

Texas State Ready

Texas State Alerts

Texas State Campus Recreation

Texas State Presents

Texas State Scholarship System

Texas State Study Abroad