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Computer Encryption Program

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Windows Computers

BitLocker drive encryption

BitLocker Drive Encryption Icon

Mac Computers

FileVault 2 full-disk encryption

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BitLocker and FileVault 2 are enabled when at rest, provide minimal impact to the computer owner, and are highly rated in the encryption industry. 

Computer Encryption Adoption Plan

ITAC works to ensure compliance through these methods:

  • Computer Replacement Program (CRP) - All new CRP computers are encrypted prior to delivery.
  • Department Funded Purchase (DFP) - All new DFP computers delivered by ITAC are encrypted prior to delivery.
  • Re-imaged computers - All computers re-imaged by ITAC are encrypted; TSPs who re-image previously encrypted computers should work with ITAC to encrypt computers after re-imaging them.
  • Computer repairs - All computers repaired by ITAC are encrypted.

The only exceptions to these practices occur when an approved Texas State Device Encryption Exception Request form is on file with ITAC.

Protecting data via computer encryption is everyone's responsibility.