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Practices & Processes

Process Work Flow

This chart walks you through the four project phases. It also outlines the documentation required for each phase, level, and classification.

Work Flow Diagram

This diagram provides you with basic guidelines to assist in taking a project concept through the phases to completion.

Component Chart

This chart provides a concise view of the required documents as well as TR's application of the different components of PMM.

Component Chart (PDF, 88 KB)

Project Criteria Classification Checklist

This checklist is intended to help quantify some of the factors that determine the risk and complexity of a project to assist the organization in determining what level of attention and focus projects need to ensure success.

Projects differ in complexity, effort, and risk. Small, simple projects may be successful without a lot of involvement, while larger, more complex projects require more thought and planning. The level of required documentation for a project is governed its classification in the checklist.

ESCC Project Prioritization Methodology

The quantitative and qualitative assessments for monitoring prioritized projects used by the Enterprise Systems Coordinating Council (ESCC) are described in the ESCC Project Prioritization Methodology.  

SDLC High Level Flow

System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) processes for system development are portrayed in the SDLC High Level Flow.