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Standard Software Image

Below are the ITAC standard software images available for Windows and Mac computers. ITAC installs these images on new, repaired, and re-imaged computers. ITAC also offers training to Technical Support Personnel (TSPs) to access and install this software using Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT).

Windows (*Standard Dell) Computers

Mac (Apple) Computers

(*Imaged by ITAC)

Dell Desktops

Optiplex 3040, Optiplex 5040, Precision Workstation T3420

Dell Laptops

Latitude E5450, Latitude E7470, Precision M3510

Mac Desktops

iMac 21.5 in.1.6ghz, iMac 21.5 2.8Ghz, iMac 27 in.

Mac Laptops

MacBook Pro 13 in. 2.5Ghz, MacBook Pro 13 2.9Ghz,  MacBook Pro 15 in. 2.8Ghz

Software Installed

Windows 10 Enterprise
Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus
Adobe Acrobat Pro DC
Identity Finder
System Center Endpoint Protection (anti-virus)
Alertus (campus alert system)
Adobe Flash
Internet Explorer
McAfee Native Encryption (BitLocker managed by McAfee)


*Standard Dell computers arrive on campus with the approved Texas State image pre-installed. Non-standard computers arrive with a different Windows version and need to be re-imaged with the Texas State licensed OS.

Non-standard computers are not evaluated for compatibility with university-approved applications.

McAfee native encryption (BitLocker Drive Encryption) is required on all Windows computers serviced through ITAC. After the standard image is installed on these Windows devices, ITAC will enable this encryption software. Other departments who install their own or the approved standard image should coordinate with ITAC to enable McAfee Native Encryption.

Software Installed

Mac OS X El Capitan (10.11)
Microsoft Office 2016
Adobe Acrobat Pro DC
Identity Finder
McAfee Endpoint Protection (anti-virus)
Alertus (campus alert system)
McAfee Native Encryption (FileVault II managed by McAfee)


The above list is for Mac computers that are processed through ITAC. Mac computers shipped directly from Apple include the OS only. Software for direct-shipped computers can be obtained via LANrev. However, McAfee managed FileVault 2 encryption coordination is required.

See Standard Computer Pricing.