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Re-Image Services

ITAC can re-image Texas State-owned (tagged) computers that meet the current minimum hardware configuration specifications. Qualified computers will be re-imaged with the Standard Software Image.

The Re-Image Process

  • Hard drive is erased
  • Installation of the proper (licensed) operating system
  • Installation of the standard software image package

Re-Image services when ITAC delivers a new computer to you
(if the older computer being replaced is eligible for a re-image)

  • Notify the deployment technician during delivery of your new computer. The deployment technician will take your old computer (no fees assessed for pickup or delivery).
  • If you decline re-image services at deployment, you have 30 days from the date of deployment to request re-image services without being charged for the re-image (back-up and delivery fees will apply).

How to Request Re-Image Services

1.  Complete the IT Work Order Form.

2.  Email the work order form to if you want the equipment picked up and delivered back to the department (deliver fees are outlined in the work order form).


    Print the work order form and bring it to the ITAC Walk Up Center along with the computer that you would like to re-image.