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Computer Replacement Program (CRP) Guidelines

Standard Computer Configurations

Technology Resources identifies Windows and Mac standard computer configurations to adequately function in the Texas State computing environment. These enterprise level computers are expected to remain in service a minimum of four years. Quantity discount pricing is negotiated with respective vendors and reflected in the TSUS Marketplace. These computers are available via the CRP program and through department funded purchases. Here are the general computer classifications:

Business Essentials - A cost conscious solution allowing access to email, Microsoft Office products, and Web browsing with no heavy video (graphics) use.

Flexible Use - Meets all the criteria for Business Essentials while providing better graphics performance. This configuration provides the best performance for the price point.

Advanced Workstation - Large amount of mathematics (large spreadsheets, statistics), heavy video use (editing, playback etc.), and long-use, memory intensive programs.

CRP Funding

Base funding for CRP comes from annual Higher Education Funding (HEF) allocations. Computers for faculty and staff funded from auxiliary, grant, or other designated accounts must be funded from an appropriate grant, auxiliary, or other designated fund account. For all E&G and method of finance (certain designated fund accounts determined by the Budget Office) funded faculty and staff positions, Business Essentials (Mac) computers and Flexible Use (Windows) computers will be provided at no cost to the college or division from the CRP budget.


Faculty and staff who are full-time employees and paid from HEF-eligible accounts as noted above are eligible for CRP funds. The portion of the faculty or staff member’s salary that is paid from a HEF-eligible account directly impacts the proportion of funding received by the CRP budget for a CRP computer allocation.

Example: A full-time employee is paid 80% from a HEF-eligible account and the remaining 20% is paid from a non-HEF-eligible account. The CRP account will pay for 80% of the employee’s computer, and the employee's department will pay the remaining 20% of the cost of selected CRP computer plus any additional cost if a higher-end computer is selected.

CRP Allocations

CRP funds are used to allocate computers each fiscal year to colleges and divisions proportional to the numbers used above to determine the base replacement program HEF budget. Annual college and divisional allocations will be divided into three components: Eligible, Partially Eligible, and Not Eligible

Deployment / Delivery Schedule

Each fiscal year, CRP Division Managers and Department Contacts are notified of the amount of allocations they will receive from CRP. They are asked to select eligible and partially eligible faculty and staff  to receive the new computers. Technology Resources staff orders and delivers the computers.

Deployment (Delivery) Strategy

During the ordering process, CRP Department Contacts are prompted to provide information and details regarding each order. This information is critical to a successful delivery. Once this information is submitted, the computer is delivered to the designated office.

Re-imaging and Re-distribution of Existing Computers

Technology Resources has established minimum hardware configurations for computers to be eligible for hardware and software support from the Information Technology (IT) division. Computers that do not meet these standards will not be supported by IT. Departments should keep this in mind when considering whether or not to leave old computers in service.

For computers that do not meet the minimum hardware configurations, the department may choose to have Technology Resources upgrade the old computer to the minimum configuration or better, at departmental expense.

If an old computer meets or exceeds the minimum hardware configuration, Technology Resources will re-image the old computer which includes formatting the hard drive and installing the most current operating system the hardware will support and some general productivity software including Microsoft Office, anti-virus, and encryption software.

Software Copyright Compliance

New CRP computers come with Texas State standard image software.

Faculty and staff who request software currently installed on their old computer to be installed on their new computer must provide the license information required to install the software unless the software was acquired through IT Business Services. Additionally they will be required to sign a form certifying that the software is (1) required for them to complete their assigned work responsibilities and (2) has been legally purchased and licensed for their use. Deployment staff are not permitted to install any software unless the end-user is willing to certify that they meet these requirements. Note: Not all older software will run with newer operating systems.

Faculty and staff may also wish to have new software installed. Users should check the Windows and Mac software lists for acquisition methods.