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Computer Replacement Program (CRP)

The Computer Replacement Program (CRP) is in place to maintain standardized high quality computers at Texas State. CRP computers are optimally configured with no additional options or modifications and are designed to perform for at least a four year lifecycle. Listed below are guidelines to assist in the selection of a computer that best fits the needs of your faculty and staff.  Learn about the general CRP guidelines.

There are three categories of CRP standard computers:

  1. Business Essentials
  2. Flexible Use
  3. Advanced Workstations

The tables below are designed to aid in allocation decision-making for the faculty or staff in your area.

Guide to Selecting the Right Fit for Texas State Users

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Computer Functionality

Functionality Business Essentials Flexible Use Advanced Workstations
Checking email X X X
Fast web browsing X X X
Displays online video and movies X X X
MS Word X X X
MS Outlook X X X
MS Excel X X X
*MS Access X X X
MS PowerPoint X X X
*MS Publisher X X X
*MS Visio X X X
Work in the SAP Portal X X X
Work in the SAP Business Client X X X
Work in Banner (SIS) X X X
Access shared networks/drives X X X
Can run dual (two) monitors X X X
Heavy video (graphics) usage   Better Best
Runs memory intensive applications   Better Best
Powerful for high amounts of raw data processing     X

*Runs on Windows only.

 CRP Computer Options

Computer Type Business Essentials Flexible Use Advanced Workstations
Windows Desktops N/A Dell OptiPlex 5060 and 24”
multimedia monitor
Dell Precision Workstation T3420
and 24” multimedia monitor
Windows Laptops N/A Dell Latitude E7490
Ultrabook 14" screen
Dell Precision M3520
15.6” screen
Mac Desktops iMac, 21.5” widescreen iMac, 21.5” widescreen
with Retina 4K display
iMac, 27” widescreen with
Retina 5K display
Mac Laptops MacBook Pro 13” screen
with Retina Display
MacBook Pro 13” screen
with Retina Display and Touch Bar
MacBook Pro 15” screen
with Retina Display and Touch Bar

CRP Allocation Site

Division Managers and Department Contacts: Access the CRP Allocation site here.

Department Funded Purchases (DFP)

If you need to order additional items or other computers outside of the CRP standard computers above, you must use your department's funds to pay for the purchase. This includes but it not limited to additional monitors, customized computers, or wireless keyboards. Learn more about the DFP program.