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Phone and Data Requests

New Telephone and Data Installation Requests

New Phone Service - Installation request for a single-line Nortel 3902 phone, a multi-line Nortel 3904 phone, a cordless phone, an analog line for fax or modem, purchase of a Star Conference phone or a long distance PIN

Move Phone Service - Installation request to move phone service from one phone number to another

Borrow Star Conference Phone - Request to borrow star conference phone

Request VoiceMail - Request voicemail for a phone number

Request Long Distance PIN - Request a long distance PIN for a user

Request for Data Drop - Installation request for data drop (Cat. 5 cabling)

Repair Requests for Telephone and Data

If your request is not listed in one of these forms, choose the most appropriate form below and describe your request in the comments area at the bottom of the form.

Telephone or Data Repairs (Residence Halls only)

  • No dialtone
  • Broken wall outlet
  • Static

Telephone Repairs (Faculty & Staff only)

  • No dialtone
  • Broken wall outlet
  • Static
  • Cannot transfer calls

Data or Internet Connectivity Repairs (Faculty & Staff only)

  • Network not connecting
  • Intermittent network connection