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Residence Hall Internet Connection Service

ResNet is the online connection service for students living in residence halls at Texas State. 

A system is now in place to protect computers on the network. This system protects computers from virus attacks and prevents a spread through the Texas State network. It also prevents infected computers on campus from sending spam and some viruses (worms) to other computers.

How to Get Connected in the Residence Halls

Step 1- Connect your computer to a wall port

  • Connect one end of your Ethernet cable into the wall port and the other end into your computer.

Note:  Wall ports can be found on a wall in your room.  You will need an Ethernet network cable, which is thicker than a telephone cord and has a larger connector on each end.  Ethernet cables are available at the IT Assistance Center (ITAC) walk-in center at a very reasonable price.

Step 2- Log in

  • Once your computer is connected to a wall port, open a Web browser (e.g., Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, or Firefox).
  • At the Texas State network login page, enter your Texas State NetID and password
  • Click Login.

Resnet Network Login screen 

  • When you see the Login Successful page, you are ready to browse!

Resnet Network Login Successful Screen

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  • If a worm or virus attacks your computer, your online connectivity will be disabled until the issue is resolved.
  • The use of personal network devices like routers and wireless access points are prohibited in the residence halls. Your connection will be disabled until the network device has been removed.
  • You may not establish servers for anything other than academic purposes or engage in activities that consume a disproportionate share of bandwidth. Server types that are prohibited include MP3, MPEG (DVD), and game servers. A few examples are (but not limited to) Kazaa, Limewire, iMesh, and BearShare.
  • Distribution or downloading of copyrighted materials such as computer software, movies, or music is a violation of federal law and university policy. Network connectivity will be terminated for those found to violate these laws or policy.
  • Ethernet cables are required to get connected in the residence hall rooms.  Connect your Ethernet network cable between your computer and the proper data port in your room.
  • The use of the ResNet by students in residence hall rooms is subject to their acceptance of the policies for the General use of Computing and Network Resources contained in the Appropriate Use of Information Resources UPPS.  In particular, it is important to note that the distribution of copyrighted materials such as computer software and music is illegal, that the owners of copyrighted materials are actively monitoring the Internet, and that students found in violation of copyright laws at other universities have been charged with serious crimes as a result.