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Hardware Forms

Choose a form below to order new hardware through ITAC. E-mail completed forms to

TSUSMarketplace-Computer-Request-Form (DOC, 114 KB)

Use this form when ordering a Dell computer.

Server-Request-Form (DOC, 73 KB)

Use this form to request a new server.

Computer Accessories and Printer Order Request

If you would like for ITAC (on your behalf and using your department's funds) to place an order for computer accessories or printers, complete this form:

Computer Parts/Accessories and Printer Order Request

If you would like assistance with a printer recommendation, complete this form and a friendly ITAC support agent will be happy to assist you.

Printer Recommendation Assistance Request

Re-Imaging and Other IT Repair

To request to re-image a computer or do other repair work, use the form below. E-mail the completed form to

IT Work Order Form (PDF, 674 KB)

Computer Disposal and Transfer

Click here for instructions and forms regarding proper transfer and disposal of computers. ITAC will contact you to make arrangements for hard drive removal and inform Materials Management when equipment is ready for pickup for proper equipment disposal.